Committed to Sustainable Cities and Human Settlements for All

In Special Consultative Status with ECOSOC

The 3rd Global Forum on Human Settlements

Theme: Harmonious Human Settlements


Part 1: Opening ceremony and keynote speeches (3 sessions)

Time: 9:00-17:50 Aug. 30
Venue: 6/F. Banquet Hall, Sheraton Futian Shenzhen Hotel


1.1.  Opening ceremony 9:00-9:35, Aug. 30

Mr. Lv Haifeng, the host announces opening and introduces the forum and guests (Mr. Lv is the secretary general for both Global Forum on Human Settlements and CCDE).

Mr. Lv Ruifeng, Shenzhen vice mayor and standing member for CCP Shenzhen Committee, gives welcome speech.

Dr. Noel Brown, chairman of FOUN and famous environmental advocate, gives opening speech: the future city.

Ms. Qiu Mei, vice director of Shenzhen People’s Congress, gives her speech.

Mr. Wang Tianliang, chief editor for both Shenzhen Newspaper Group and Shenzhen SEZ Daily, gives his speech.


1.2.  Keynote speeches and discussions

1.2.1. Speech 9:35-10:40

Subject: new concepts and policies of harmonious human settlements

Title: Human settlements and the plight of the world's most vulnerable
Speaker: Ambassador Anwarul K. Chowdhury --- Former United Nations Under-Secretary-General and High Representative, Former President of the UN Security Council and Vice President of the UN Economic and Social Council。

Title: Theory and practice in the science of human settlements
Speaker: Prof. Mao Qizhi, member of Urban and Rural Planning Expert Committee under the Ministry of Construction, vice chairman of World Human Habitat Academy, vice director of Research Center on Human Settlements under Tsinghua University, and vice dean of School of Architecture under Tsinghua University.

Speaker: Mr. Sun Kefang, vice chief engineer, Promotion Center for Residential Industry, Ministry of Construction.


1.2.2. Speech 10:45-11:50

Subject: new development and practice in harmonious human settlements

Title: Post-disaster city reconstruction
Speaker: Taj Hamad, secretary general of World NGO Federation

Title: Energy saving, emission reduction and harminious human settlements
Speaker: Mr. Wang Dehui, the former director of the Dept. of Natural Ecology under State Enviromental Protection Administration, and consultant of the Consultation Committee on Environmental Protection Science and Technology under State Enviromental Protection Administration.

Speaker: Mr. Huang Shizai, chairman of the board of directors for the Great China International Group.

Mr. Zheng Shiguang gives a speech. He is the director of Zhaoqing Spot-Lake Administration.

The host concludes the morning speeches.
(Guests put wireless receivers on the table and go to lunch in the hotel).

14:30-17:50 Afternoon Aug. 30

1.2.3.  Speech 14:30-16:00
Subject: Trend and challenges for the real estates industry

Title: 3D development of urban real estates and build good environment
Speaker: Mr. Zhu Tiezhen, famous urban expert, vice president of China Urban Development Institute, and researcher for Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Title: market reform of sustainable buildings
Speaker: Rob Waston, LEED chief scientist, and American Sino-Tech president.

Title: Strengthen community development and improve human settlement environment
Speaker: Ms. Li Aijun, president of Shenzhen Aviation City (East) Industrial Co., Ltd.

Title: Build harminious human settlement environment in order to create a green ecological homeland
Speaker: Mr. Zhang Boling, chairman of Shenzhen Green Habitat Association


Title: Jointly build a beautiful home

Speaker: Ms. Li Wei, director of New Hope Group, and president of Sichuan Fenglan Industrial Co., Ltd.

Title: Mode and forecast of primary land development
Speaker: Mr. Cui Yuanxing, CEO of China Pan-Real Estates Planning Network, international business planner, and expert of Shenzhen Expert United Association.

Speaker: Director of Coastal Group

1.2.4. Dialog  16:05-16:35

Subject: revitalized city
Mr. Chen Shimin, president and chief architect of Chenshiming Architectural Firm
Mr. Li Jianwei, EDSA Orient president
Mr. Li Baozhang, president of L&A Urban Planning and Landscape Design (Canada) Ltd.
(When guests finish their talks, 5 minutes for Q & A)

1.2.5. Speech 16:40-17:30

Subject: Green technology and concept
Speaker: Dr. Gao Zhi, chief representative for China Office of Architects Crang & Boake Inc., Tsinghua University EMBA, and part-time professor of the Economics School, Peking University.

Title: to be determined
Speaker: Dr. Lv Jian, president of Guangdong Tianyiyuan Eco-architectural Design Institute Co.,Ltd.

Speaker: Mr. Fan Zhigang, chief designer for Arcadie Design Consultation (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

Title: Construction of China Sun City and China Sun Valley
Speaker: Mr. Huang Ming, president of Huangming Solar Energy Group

Speaker: Mr. Zhu Souhui, president of Green Frog Bio-Tech Co., Ltd.

Speaker: member of UN Children Environmental Protection Conference Preparation Committee、HongKOng Environmental Protection Ambassador、Xu Haiting, a student in Shenzhen Shekou Int'l School


1.3. Conclusion (17:30-17:50)

Speech by Mr. Gui Zhenhua, vice director of China Green Pictorial

Speech by Mr. Zhang Keke, vice chairman of Shenzhen Association on Science and Technology, secretary general of Shenzhen and Hong Kong Base for Industry, Academy and Research, and secretary general of Shenzhen and Hong Kong Development Institute.

Conclusion remarks by Mr. Li Ting, director of the Population, Resources and Environment Committee under Shenzhen People’s Political Consultation Conference.

Mr. Lv Haifeng, the host, announces the successful conclusion of the forum.


Part 2: Banquet and awarding ceremony

Time: 18:00-20:30 Aug. 30
Venue: 6/F. Banquet Hall, Sheraton Futian Shenzhen Hotel


Part 3: The 1st advanced green building training seminar and LEED certification workshop

Time: 9:30-11:30,  Aug. 31
Venue: Sheraton Futian Shenzhen Hotel
Lecturer: Mr. Rob Watson, LEED chief scientist and president of American Sino-Tech


Part 4: forum guests are invited to visit human habitats and environment in Jiangxi Province