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The Third Global Forum on Human Settlements
In order to exchange the knowledge and experiences of human settlements environmental construction in China and other places around the world, improve harmonious social construction in China, help the realization of the United Nations Millennium, on the basis of the successful experiences of holding two global human settlements forums, 2007 Global Forum on Human Settlements was held on August in Shenzhen. The subject of the forum is harmonious human settlements with the focus on the issues of green city and harmonious communities etc. As a high-class international conference concerning about sustainable development, the forum has been greatly supported by relevant organizations of the UN, multinational governments, many famous international organizations, Shenzhen city government as well as Shenzhen CPPCC. Some senior officials from the UN, mayors at home and abroad, famous designers, authorities and famous non-governmental officials were presented and gave lectures in the forum. Besides, over 400 governmental officials, experts, scholars, entrepreneurs, planners, architects and reporters at home and abroad attended the conference. The UN mediums and other major mediums have constantly reported the whole process. The contents of the conference are as follows:

I. Time: 30th-31th August, 2007. Duration of the meeting: 2 days (one day for the general forum, a half day for the branch forum and a half day for investigation) 
II. Place: Shenzhen, PRC 
III. Subject: Harmonious Human Settlements 
IV. Sponsor
Friends of the United Nations(FOUN) 
Urban Development Research Dep. of China’s Academy of Science
China City Construction & Development Expo(CCDE) 
Shenzhen CPPCC 
Co- Sponsor: Asia-pacific Tourism Organization 
Shenzhen Scientific Technology Association
American Sino-Tech Ltd. 
Undertaker: Shenzhen Jinxiulianhe Exhibition Co. Ltd. 
Assistant mediums: Shenzhen Media Group,,, Planner magazine 
 V. Main guests invited
The UN senior officials, state leaders, relevant leaders of State Environmental Protection Administration of China, the Ministry of Construction, P.R. China, foreign environment ministers, leaders of Guangdong province and Shenzhen city leaders, mayors of international famous cities, representatives of ecological villages, authorities, experts, scholars, famous architect designers, planners, famous non-governmental organizations leaders, famous real estate developers, tourism experts, entrepreneurs and international eminent persons etc. 
 Ⅵ.Content of the conference and activities
1. The main purpose of the conference is to exchange and summarize sustainable solutions and proposals of the hot topics or difficulty occurred during the construction and management of cities, communities and resorts in China and the world, exchange the knowledge and experiences of different industries and areas, study the functions of governments, entrepreneurs, non-governmental organizations and residents in creating harmonious human settlements environment, provide China with good references in its construction of human settlements environment and creation of a harmonious society so as to promote a harmonious development of China and global human settlements environment in the 21st century. The conference was divided into two branch forums:
■Green city branch forum
■Green building training
2. Collect outstanding papers and organize selection and commending activities so as to promote the academic study and theory innovation of human settlements. 
3. Organize the activities of granting “The Awards of Global Human Settlements”, announce and praise those outstanding examples for their adoption of new technology and theory to create sustainable human settlements and promote social harmonious development. The examples include cities, communities, enterprises and persons. 
4. Organize onsite investigations to visit those outstanding examples which have green and harmonious human settlements and helped to promote the realization of the United Nations Millennium Goals.