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Site Visits
During the conference, the sponsors organized the delegates and guests to make a field visit to Berlin Electronic Highway Demo Track, City Center Electric Vehicles Sharing Facilities and Services, and Berlin Model Homes of Energy Efficiency and some more projects. In addition, as an extension of the activity, GFHS Board of Directors organized part of the Chinese delegates to visit HafenCity Hamburg, Copenhagen and other green cities in Europe and made thematic exchanges. HafenCity Hamburg, and Copenhagen Municipal Science and Technology and Environment Department hospitably received the visiting guests, and held seminars to talk about city reform, climate change mitigation and green mobility and they made arrangements to visit their famous projects. This activity exerted positive effect on facilitating the guests to expand their horizon, enhanced the knowledge of capacity building, and strengthened the exchanges and cooperation between China and Europe. 
GFHS European Green City Delegation Visit 
Unilever Headquaters
GFHS European Green City Delegation Visit Berlin Model Homes of Energy Efficiency
The benefit of convening the conference is to motivate and encourage more countries, more enterprises, more organizations and the public to actively participate in the practice of building sustainable cities and achieving sustainable transport systems, to inject vigor for the realization of the livable city, smooth transport system, clear water and blue sky, to provide positive energy for the realization of each one's dream for a livable home and the healthy growth of future generations.