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Global Low-Carbon and Ecological Scenic Spot: Mission Hills Resort (Shenzhen·Dongguan·Haikou), Santa Monica Low Carbon Resort City Project, USA
The winners of “Global Green City”: City of Oeiras, Portugal, City of Yokohama, Japan, City of Changsha, China, Zhouzhuang, China

Global Human Settlements Model Buildings Residential Area):Central China·Guozhai Garden, China, Mandarin Oriental Chengdu and Armani Culture & Art Project, China, Cofco. Diamond Bay, China

Global Human Settlements Outstanding Contribution Awards: Mr. Andres Duany, DPZ

Best Practice of Low-Carbon Bio-Energy Project: 

Bio Engergie, Black Forest, Germany

Global Best Practice of Urban Renewal: EUREF-Campus

Group shot of the awardees and awarders

Global Green City

City of Oeiras, Portugal: Model of Low-Carbon and Ecological Livability, City of Rapid Development and Viability

City of Yokohama, Japan: Best Practice of Building Low-Carbon and Smart City by Effectively Mobilizing the Participation of Multi-stakeholders

City of Changsha, China: Precision Management for Green Development, a City of Happiness with Island Landscape

Town of Zhouzhuang, Jiangsu, China: Inheriting Heritage of Water-Town, a Model of Water- and Energy-Conservation



Global Low-Carbon Ecological Scenic Spot

Mission Hills Resort (Shenzhen·Dongguan·Haikou): Paragon of Pleasant Eco-Environment with Livable Settlements, Ecological Tourism, and Sustainable Leisure

Santa Monica Low Carbon Resort City Project, USA: A Perfect Combination of Environmental and Artistic Capability, A Place with Fascinating Views and Beautiful Neighborhoods



Global Human Settlements Outstanding Contribution Awards

Mr. Andres Duany, DPZ: A Vanguard of Sustainable Urbanization, A Pioneer of Future City


Global Human Settlements Model of Building/Residential Area

Central China·Guozhai Garden, China: Innovative Charisma with Chinese Style, Featuring People-Orientation, Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection

Mandarin Oriental Chengdu and Armani Culture & Art Project, China: City Landmark of Creative Mixed-Use Development, Green Business with a Rich Tapestry of Cultures

Cofco. Diamond Bay, China: Primordial Ecosystem with a Thousand Acres of Mountains and Lakes, a Model of Innovative, Livable and Charismatic City



Global Best Practice of Urban Renewal

EUREF-Campus: A Pioneer of Electric Mobility, a Smart City of Tomorrow


Best Practice of Low-Carbon Bio-Energy Project

Bio Engergie, Black Forest, Germany:Bio-Energy Increases Profit and Reduces Emissions, A Paradigm of Autonomous Coorperation and Innovation