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-Rio+20 Associated Event-

Global Forum on Electric Mobility & 

Conference on Sustainable Human Settlements

Greening Transport for Sustainable Development

Monday 18 June 2012 –Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Setting
The High-level Intergovernmental Rio+20 Conference will bring together Heads of State and Government, leading policy and decision makers from both public and private sectors, and attract thousands of participants, including NGOs, experts, the media and other vironmentally and socially concerned civil society groups.

Main Themes of Rio+20
Among other topics, Rio+20 will focus its debate on enhancing a “green” economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication.

Sustainable Transport 

A “greener” economy and sustainable development is only  achievable if the increasingly  urgent issues in transport are  more vigorously addressed.

Electric Mobility
Public interest in electric mobility is growing tremendously. As battery and vehicle technologies continuously advance, EV manufacturers now offer hybrid, plug-in hybrid and battery powered vehicles. Some countries and cities actively promote the emerging electric mobility industry by providing financial or other incentives. Many recent model and pilot projects have clearly demonstrated the economic viability and the social and environmental benefits of EVs, in particular in areas, where electricity supply for battery charging is based on renewable sources of energy and smart electric grids.

UN photo-UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon taking a ride in Solar Taxi

Contribution of ElectricMobility  Forum to Rio+20
In many emerging economies, battery and other electric mobility technologies are still very scarcely used.
Organized in association with the Rio+20 World Conference, the Forum provides a strategic opportunity to enhance public and governmental perception of electric vehicles, and their economic,social and environmental benefits, and their rapidly declining costs.
The parallel meeting to be held at the same time on sustainable human settlements will address in particular challenges and opportunities facing green mobility and human settlements, and provide more and better support and options for low-carbon city building.

Keynote Speakers 
UN officials, national government leaders, mayors of model cities, experts, academics, representatives of renowned vehicle and battery manufacturers, operators, developers, etc.

Participants will include electric vehicle suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and users, as well as leading decision and policy makers from national and city governments, transport authorities and private

sectors. Simultaneous interpretation is provided in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese.