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The First Global Forum on Human Settlements

From Sept. 25 to Sept. 26, Global Human Settlements Forum 2005 was held in Shenzhen Crown Hotel. About 300 guests were present in the forum, including UN officials, city officials, officials of Chinese famous scenery spots, property entrepreneurs, architectural designers, journalists, middle school students. 

To be more specific, our prestigious guests are: Mr. Maurice Strong, former UN Under Secretary General and first Executive Director of the UNEP; Mr. Chris Radford, senior official of UN Habitat and famous environmental scholar; Honorable Mr. David Anderson, President of the Governing Committee of UNEP, Canadian MP, and the former Minister of Environment; Mr. Jerry Spivack, CCC/UN Co-Chairman, chief representative of CCC/UN at UN, and renowned educator in the U.S.A.; Mr. Bob K. Bogen,​ ADPSR (Architects/esigners/Planners for Social Responsibility) Representative at the UN, Former City Planner for NYC; Mr. Yang Shen, the former Vice Minister of Construction, and President of China Property Association; Mr. Wang Dehui, the Vice Director of Ecological Protection Dept. of the State Environmental Protection Administration; Mr. Zhu Tiezhen, the Vice President of China City Development Institute, officials from Italy and Chinese cities such as Nanning, Lijiang, Panzhihua, Yichun, Zhangqiu of Jinan, etc. The forum achieved great success and was highly recognized by participants. 

In recent years in Shezhen, there are few NGO forums like Global Forum on Human Settlements that is so successful in terms of level of guests, international representatives, quality of speeches, and enthusiasm of participants. The forum represents one of the highest level of NGO conferences in Shenzhen.