Committed to Sustainable Cities and Human Settlements for All

In Special Consultative Status with ECOSOC

The Sixth Global Forum on Human Settlements

Building Low-Carbon Cities: A Response to Climate Change

New York 7-8 April 2011


Mr. Cheick Diarra, United Nations Under-Secretary-General and High Representative for the Least Developed Countries, Landlocked Developing Countries and Small Island Developing States

Ambassador Anwarul K. Chowdhury, Former Under-Secretary-General and High Representative of the United Nations, Chairman of Global Forum on Human SettlementsGFHS

Mr. Adam Fred, Deputy Director, Office for Long-term Planning and Sustainable Development, New York City, giving a speech on behalf of Mayor Michael Bloomberg

Mr. Arab Hoballah, Chief, Sustainable Consumption and Production, UNEP 
Mr. Zheng Guichun, Deputy Mayor, City of Yuyao, Zhejiang, China
Mr. Dan Hoornweg, Lead Urban Advisor, Cities & Climate Change, World Bank 

Main Contents:

1. Reception
2. Opening ceremony, plenary, discussions, round tables, etc.
3. Exhibition: Low-carbon city construction’s Best Practices
4. Declaration of Building Low-carbon City: A Response to Climate Change
5. Global Human Settlements Award Ceremony 

Government officials, United Nations officials, heads of international organizations, city mayors, experts and scholars, planners, architects, developers, international entrepreneurs, etc. 

Plenary Meeting
1. The Role and Responsibility for City in Combating Climate Change 
2. The Opportunities and Challenges in Building Low-Carbon City after COP16.
3. Enhance Cooperation to Meet Challenges
4. Enlightenment of the Shanghai World Expo and the COP16
5. International Standard for Determining Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Cities
6. Global City Indicators Facility
7. Low-Carbon Urban Planning 
8. Innovation of Policy and Finance 

Parallel meeting1: Energy Efficient Buildings
1. Low-Carbon City and Energy Efficient Buildings 
2. Sustainable Building Index
3. Common Carbon Metric
4. Best Practices

Parallel meeting 2: Building Low-carbon Cities and Business Responsibility
1. The Role and Responsibility for Business in Combating Climate Change
2. Low-Carbon City and Clean Energy
3. Green Transport
4. Low-Carbon Industry and Green Innovation
5. Best Practices

Parallel meeting 3: Low-carbon education, knowledge sharing and expertise
1. Innovative Educational Methods and Guide the Public to Consciously Participate in Combating Climate Change 
2. Government's Role and Function in Low-Carbon Education 
3. NGO's Role and Function in Low-Carbon Education
4. Low-Carbon Expertise
5. Best Practices