Committed to Sustainable Cities and Human Settlements for All

In Special Consultative Status with ECOSOC

2006 Global Forum on Natural Ecology & Human Settlements


Venue: Banquet Hall, Shenzhen Crown Hotel

Morning Session, July 30
Part One       Opening Ceremony (Time: 9:00-9:30)

9:00—9:05      Opening announcement and brief introduction of the forum, presentation of leaders and speakers, given by Host Mr. Lv Haifeng (General Secretary of organization unit of forum and China City Construction and Development Exhibition)

9:05—9:20      Opening ceremony speech by Dr. Noel Brown, President of the Friends of the United Nations
Topic: Urbanization Revolution and Sustainable Environmental Challenge

9:25—9:30      Welcome speech by Mr. Zhang Xiaomin, Vice Chairman of Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Shenzhen City

9:35—9:45 Speech by Ms. Qiu Mei, Vice Director of National People’s Congress Shenzhen City

9:45—9:50 Speech by Mr. Shi Shouxu, Assistant to the President of Peking University, Routine Deputy Director of Shenzhen Graduate School and Director of PKU-HKUST Shenzhen-Hong Kong Institution

Part Two      Speeches & Discussions

Speeches (Time: 9:45-10:50)

Subject: New policies, concepts and trends to solve human settlement problems 

9:45—10:05 Topic: Strengthening city planning and building sustainable human settlement

Speaker: Chen Weibang, Professional Senior Planner, former Chief Planner, the Ministry of Construction, P.R. China, Deputy President of China Association of City Planning and Standing member of China Society of Urban Economy

10:05—10:25 Topic: Observing concept of scientific development & building city green civilization

Speaker: Professor Zhu Tiezhen, Deputy President of China Institute for Urban Development and Researcher of Institute of Economics Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and a famous expert in City Problems.


Speaker: Mr. Vycheslav Cherkasov, UN Special Representative and Director of Knowledge Management Branch, DESA
(After the above lectures, 5 minutes will be left for Q and A) .

Speeches (Time: 10:50-12:00)

Subject: New development and technology of sustainable human settlement  construction

10:50—11:10 Topic: Environmental decision-making of sustainable human settlement community

Speaker: Wang Dehui, Deputy Director of Natural Reserves Department, State Environmental Protection Administration and Director of the Office of CBD Implementation of China, Director of the Office of Biosafety Management and Director of the Office of the State Review Committee on National Nature Reserves

11:10—11:35 Topic: World Green City-- Santa Monica

George Akers, Recipient of United Nations Environment Award, international famous expert in environmental and sustainable development
Hon Robert Holbrook, Mayor of City of Santa Monica, California, USA
Craig Perkins, Director of Environmental and Public Works Management in the City of Santa Monica


Speaker: Zhang Keke, Deputy Director of Shenzhen Science and Technology Bureau and Director of Shenzhen-HongKong IER Institution
(After the above speeches, 5 minutes will be left for Q and A) .

11:55—12:00 Summary speech on the morning’s forum by Host (reminding the delegates of putting back their earphones onto the desk and going to have lunch in Grand Skylight Garden Hotel).


Afternoon Session, July 30
Speeches (Time: 14:00-15:20)

Subject: Sustainable Human Communities

14:00—14:20 Topic: A sample of sustainable community suitable for China development

Speaker: Mr. John W. Spears, an expert in international sustainable development and Senior Consultant of Beijing 2008 Olympic

14:20—14:40 Topic: New rural human settlement construction

Speaker: Professor Zhang Hulin, Former Member of School Administration Committee, Party School of CPC, Head of the Organization Department, Director of Research Center on Issues Concerning Agriculture, Countryside and Farmers, Party School of CPC and Tutor of candidates for doctor’s degree.   

14:40—14:55 Topic: Fully playing association’s functions and promoting Shenzhen’s green human settlement construction

Speaker: Yu Peiting, Head of Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Land Resources and Housing Management and Deputy President of Shenzhen Green Human Settlement Association

14:55—15:10 Topic: Green building----the road new real estate companies must follow  

Speaker: President of Xufei Real Estate (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd and Shenzhen Huayuyuan Real Estate Co. Ltd.
(After the above speeches, 5 minutes will be left for Q and A) .

Speeches (Time: 15:15-16:55)

15:15—15:35 Topic: Cultural value of the human settlement  of Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town

Speaker: Dong Guanzhi, Associate Professor of Jinan University CTS College of Tourism, Executive Director of Tourism Development & Research Center, Tutor of Candidates for Tourism Management Master’s degree. He has once presided the planning of famous tourism projects including Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town.

15:35—15:50 Topic: New ideas and innovation—green land system design & ecological city construction

Speaker: Chief Planner of Hong Kong Zhonying city and architectural design center and Director of Peking University City (Shenzhen) Designing Research Institute. 

15:50—16:05 Topic: Exploring sustainable development of resources-based city

Speaker: Professor Yuan Zhanting, Tutor of candidates for doctor’s degree, an expert enjoying "Government's Special Subsidy" by the State Council and Mayor of Baiyin City of China

16:05—16:20 Topic: Introduction of “Five-Color-Space” planning and design for human settlement

Speaker: Doctor Lv Jian, Director of Guangdong Tianyiyuan Ecological Architecture Design Institute
 (After the above speeches, 5 minutes will be left for Q and A) .

Planning & Design Special Dialogues (Time: 16:25-17:00)

Subject: Reform and innovation of cities planning and design under new situations

Host: Mr. Bai Lin, Doctor of Japan Kyoto University, Professor of Beijing Jiaotong University, Director of Department of Architecture, School of Civil Engineering and Guest Professor of Xi’an Jiaotong University .

Guests: three international famous planner, architect and designer with their names listed below: 

★Doctor Gaozhi, China Chief Representative of Canada ACBI International, Adjunct Professor of Tsinghua University Real Estate EMBA courses and Peking University School of Economics.
★Mr. Huang Zhicong, Regional Executive Director and Operation Director of EDAW’s Asia practice 
★Mr. Zhu Yiyou, Deputy Chief Architect of Construction Design International (CCDI).
(After the above speeches, 5 minutes will be left for Q and A) .

Part Three      “Declaration of Shenzhen” to be read out and approved by head of the hosted unit (Time: 17:00-17:15)

Part Four      Awarding Prizes  (Time:17:15-18:10)

Host: Shi Qiang      Dong Yanfen
Guests awarding prizes:
Dr. Noel Brown, President of the Friends of the United Nations
Mr. Vycheslav Cherkasov, UN Special Representative and Director of Knowledge Management Branch, DESA

17:15—17:20      Speech by Dr. Noel Brown, President of the Friends of the United Nations
17:20—17:25      Speech by Chief of Shenzhen Wan Bao Press
17:25—17:40      Awarding ceremony
17:40—17:45      Speech by Head of Yicun City, representing the recipients of 2005 awards
17:45—18:05      Speeches by representatives of the recipients of awards (2 to 3 minutes for each speaker)

Cities representative: Hon Robert Holbrook, Mayor of City of Santa Monica, California, USA
Resorts representative: Chief of Tianmeng Mysterious Canyon, Kashi, Xingjiang Province, China
Real estate representative: Wangke Real Estate, Zhongyuan Digital Harbor, Xianhu Shanzhuang
Environmental enterprise representative: Zhongtong Buses Holding Co. Ltd.
Home fitting representative: Shenzhen Huayuanxuan Furniture Company Ltd.

Building materials enterprises representative: Shenzhen Green Frog Bio-Technology Co Ltd

Part Five      Summary speech and announcement of the successful close of the forum by Host Mr. Lv Haifeng (Time: 18:05-18:10)

Reminding: 1. The delegates putting back their earphones onto the table for working persons to collect

2. The location of evening banquet and vehicles arrangement
Part Six      Banquet (Time: 19:00-20:30, Place: Jin Jiang Shenzhen Airlines Hotel, Kun Peng Banquet Hall      Address: opposite side of Zhuzilin, Shennan Road)

Host: Shi Qiang, Dong Yuanfen
Toast speech by Chief of the hosted unit
Enjoying dinner, communication and appreciating music performance

Part Seven       08:30, July 31

All delegates setting out from Grand Skylight Garden Hotel to visit Shenzhen’s remarkable human settlement projects

Shenzhen Shiyan Man-made Wetland Sewage Treatment Projectand Shenzhen Lotus Mountain Park (recommended by Shenzhen Environmental Protection Bureau and the Association of Green Human Settlement)