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Global Forum on Human Settlements 2009 


November 7 (Sat)
08:00 - 22:00 Forum Registration
18:00- 18:30 Meeting VIP Guests
18:30 - 20:30 Welcome Dinner by Wuxi Municipal Government 

November 8 (Sun)
I. Opening Ceremony  

Time: 09:00-12:00  

Venue: Wuhu Hall, Taihu Hotel

Host: Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of All-China Environment Federation, Zeng Xiaodong


Forum begins. Host introduction. Meeting leaders and distinguished guests.

Member of Jiangsu Provincial Party Standing Committee, Secretary of Wuxi Municipal Party             

Committee, Yang Weize delivers welcome speech;    

Vice Chairwoman of 10th Standing Committee of NPC, Gu Xiulian gives speech;

Vice Chairman of GFHS, former Director of UNEP North America Region, Dr. Noel Brown gives speech;

President of China Association for Yellow River Cultural and Economic Development, former                   deputy director of the Foreign Affairs Office, Central Government, Yuan Tao gives speech;
Chief Engineer, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Wan Bentai gives speech;

Vice Governor of Jiangsu Provincial Government, Xu Ming gives speech

10:10-12:00 Theme Forum: Safeguard Water Safety and Build Sustainable Human Settlements

Host: Member of Wuxi Municipal Party Standing Committee and Executive Deputy Mayor, Xu Jie 

10:10-10:30 Mao Xiaoping, Mayor, City of Wuxi

10:30-10:45 Chairman of International Water Association (IWA) , David Garman

Innovative Water Management and Sustainable Human Settlements

10:45-11:00 Chairman of The World Association for Lakes, Cun Zhengjiu

The Response of Lake Ecosystem

11:00-11:15 Former Minister of Environment Ministry of Canada and Chairman of UNEP Government Administration Commission, David Anderson

Water might be the biggest challenge of this era

11:15-11:30 Deputy Director of Department of Policy and Regulations, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Xu Zongwei

Public Service and Public Rights Market

11:30-11:45 Fellow, Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, doctoral adviser Jin Xiangcan gives speech

11:45-11:55 Chairman of Board and CEO of Wuxi Suntech Power, Shi Zhengrong

Develop Clean Energy and Build Sustainable Human Settlements

11:55-12:00 Publish “Wuxi Declaration of Water and Human Settlements in the 21st Century”

II. Topic Forum 1: International Forum on Lake Water Environment Treatment and Ecological City Building

Time 14:00-17:50 

Venue: Wuyue Hall, Taihu Hotel

Host: Wang Dehui, Consultant to Assessment Centre of State Ministry of Environmental Protection, former Deputy Director of Natural Ecosystem Protection Office of State Environmental Protection Administration

14:00-14:05 Forum begins. Host introduction. Meeting leaders and distinguished guests.

14:05-14:20 Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of All-China Environment Federation, Zeng Xiaodong

Mass prevention and mass treatment of Taihu water pollution 

14:20-14:35 Secretary-General of World Association of NGOs (WANGO), Taj Hamad
Solve the water crisis through multiple channels

14:35-14:50 Former Deputy Director of  State Environmental Protection Administration (SEPA), Researcher, Wang Yangzu

The work of China’s water pollution treatment 

14:50-15:05 Director of Jiangsu Provincial Taihu Lake Office, Zhu Tiejun

Lake environment treatment and eco-civilized city

15:05-15:20 Chief Business Officer,  Consulate General of the United States in Shanghai, Gao Dawei

Sustainable urban development and new opportunities for water

15:20-15:30 Fellow, Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, doctoral adviser, Liu Yongding
Stable transformation and ecological restoration of lake system 
15:30-15:40 Fellow, Nanjing Institute of Geography & Limnology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, doctoral adviser,Qin Boqiang

The approaches for lake eco-system restoration 

15:40-15:50 Deputy Secretary General of Nanchang Municipal Government, Hu Tao

Taking water as the guiding principle, building cities upon water, and promoting overall development of eco-civilized cities

15:50-16:00 Head of HESTIUN Investment (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd, Richard Galainer

The application of high-efficient microorganism and immobilization technology in river and lake restoration 

16:00-16:10 President of Suez Environment China, Gao Dehui
Resource utilization of waste water and sludge

16:10-16:20 Chief Scientist of US Hengde Group, Dr. Li Ming

Utah cyanobacteria biofuel and carbon recycling 

16:20-16:30 General Manager of Murata Electronics, Kubota Masaaki

The environmental activities of Murata Electronics in Wuxi

16:30-16:50 Free speeches

16:50-17:45 Exchange dialogues

17:45-17:50 Summary

III. Topic Forum 2 International Forum on livable City Building

Time: 14:00-17:55   

Venue: Multifunctional Hall, Taihu hotel

Host: Lu Haifeng, Secretary General, Global Forum on Human Settlements

14:00-14:05 Forum begins. Host introduction. Meeting leaders and distinguished guests.

14:05-16:00  Topic 1: Green and Livable

14:05-14:25 Head, Department of Construction, Jiangsu Provincial Government, Zhou Lan

Jiangsu urban and rural planning: from strategies to actions 

14:25-14:45 Vice Mayor, City of Wuxi, Wu Jianxuan
Wuxi’s efforts and insights on building a livable city

14:45-15:10 Chairman of International Ecocity Builders Association, Richard Register

Coastal Ecocities    


15:10-15:20 President, China-Japan Association of Social Economic & Cultural Exchange, Ryuichiro Hirota
15:20-15:35 Member of Standing Committee of Yangzhou Municipal Committee, Vice Mayor of Yangzhou, Zhang Aijun
Building livable homes and harmonious city in Yangzhou
15:35-15:50 General Manager, Jiangsu Sunshine Property Co., Ltd, Shen Xun

World-class lake dwelling culture and dreams

15:45-16:00 President, Jiangsu Jinyang Investment Co. Ltd., Li Ying

16:00-17: 55  Topic 2: Lakeside Human Settlements Culture

16:10-16:25 Fellow, Housing Industrialization Promotion Center,  Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Post Doctorate, Tsinghua University, Yin Boyue
Building green livable communities and improving urban culture

16:25-16:40 Chief Representative to China, Architects Crang & Boake, Dr. Gao Zhi

The experience from lake-side cities in Canada

16:40-17:00 Chairman of Board of China Association of Urban Environmental Sanitation, Hao Shengkun

Strengthen the waste management and protect human settlements

17:00-17:10 President, Wuxi Jujiang Group Co., Ltd., Pu Dong 

17:10-17:15 President, Hongkong Huachen Investment Group, Chen Guohua

Focus on ecological restoration and build livable communities 

17:15-17:50 Free speeches & Exchange dialogues

17:50-17:55 Summary

IV. Best Practices Awards 
Time: November 8, 20:00-20:30 
Venue: Shuitian Pavilion, Taihu Hotel

November 9 (Mon)
09:30-10:30 Opening Ceremony of China (Wuxi) Water Saving and Water Treatment Technology and Equipment Exhibition ( Anzhen Agri-Expo Exhibition Hall)
10:30-11:00 Theme Activity: Guests plant the “Eco-Forestry of the 2009 Global Forum on Human Settlements” in Anzhen Agri-Expo Garden
11:00-11:50 Tour to Lihu Lake Exhibition Hall
14:00-17:00 Tour to Buddhist Temple