Trainer: Ms. He Lian, Director for Technology Exchange, Shenzhen International Green Model City Investment and Management Co., Ltd

Subject: Green Building Values and Trend

Trainer: Mr. Senen Antonio, Planner, Partner of DPZ Partners LLC, IGMC Expert Committee Member

Subject: IGMC and Green Planning Training

GFHS Secretary General Mr. Lu Haifeng and Mr. Yang Xiaohong, Executive Director of Shenzhen International Green Model City Investment and Management Co., Ltd

Trainer: Mr. Lu Haifeng, GFHS Secretary General, IGMC Expert Committee Convener


a. Principles, Standards and Exploration of IGMC Initiative;

b. Commonalities between National New-Type Urbanization Plan(2014-2020) and IGMC;

c. IGMC Cost benefit analysis 

Mr. Chen Yuedong, CRREG Deputy General Manager and President of CRREG Shanghai Investment Company making a conclusion

China Railway Real Estate Group (CRREG) IGMC Standards Training

Committed to Sustainable Cities and Human Settlements for All

In Special Consultative Status with ECOSOC


China Railway Real Estate Group

International Green Model City Training

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