Committed to Sustainable Cities and Human Settlements for All

In Special Consultative Status with ECOSOC



1.  To facilitate effective conversation and action: the forum aims to provide a valuable global platform for high-level dialogue and for sharing innovative approaches, strategies, technologies and successful experience on green recovery and transition.

2. To strengthen urban safety, inclusiveness and resilience: the forum seeks to offer practical solutions to how healthy, resilient and carbon-neutral cities should be planned, designed, financed, developed, governed and managed, so as to enhance safety, resilience, inclusiveness and sustainability in diverse urban systems.

3.  To foster partnership on sustainable developmentthe forum is designed to strengthen capacity building, cultivate new type partnerships, foster urban innovation, accelerate effective actions, and to drive progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, the New Urban Agenda and Paris Agreement.

4. To highlight best practices: the forum is expected to recommend a batch of best practices that can serve as role model on green transformation and innovation and sustainable urban development.


Scope and Key Issues

1.   Healthy, smart and resilient cities and communities

2.   Renewable energy systems and carbon neutral cities

3.  Circular economy and zero-waste cities

4.   Nature-based solutions for climate-resilient cities

5.   A sustainable blue economy to support the green transformation of cities

6.   Urban hydrology and integrated water resources management

7.   Green financing for carbon-neutral cities

8.    International Green Model City Initiative: to create global pilot demonstration areas of carbon neutrality

10.    Towards future-proof buildings and neighbourhoods

11.  Pursuing a resilient, inclusive, gender-equal and green economic recovery


1. Forum discussion: opening ceremony, keynote speech, high-level dialogue, mayors’

panel, thematic sessions, recommendations and summaries

2. Closed-door meeting on investment and cooperation

3. Sustainable Cities and Human Settlements Awards Ceremony 2021

4. Releasing conference outcome document

The distinguished speakers at the opening session
The distinguished keynote speakers
The Panelists at the High-Level Dialogue
The Mayors Panel
Speakers at the Closing Session – Summary and Recommendation
Awarders and Award​ees 
at the Sustainable Cities An​d Human Settlements Awards Ceremony 2021