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Steven Clark Rockefeller, Jr., Chairman of the Board of the Rockefeller Group, Senior Advisor of Global Human Settlements Foundation delivers congratulatory remarks
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Congratulatory Remarks

by Mr. Steven Clark Rockefeller, Jr., Chairman of the Board of the Rockefeller Group

Senior Advisor of Global Human Settlements Foundation 

at the Launch of Global Human Settlements Foundation


Ladies and gentlemen,

Esteemed colleagues and valued friends from across the globe,

Today marks a pivotal milestone in the united quest for a sustainable future.


It fills me with great pride and optimism to stand before you as we unveil the Global Human Settlements Foundation (GHSF) at the esteemed United Nations.


Founded on November 29th 2023 in the dynamic state of New York, the GHSF embarks on a vital mission to cultivate a world that is greener healthier and more livable for every member of our global community.


I'm truly honored and privileged to be invited to join the Advisory board of the foundation.


GHSF is steadfast in its commitment to charitable and educational endeavors.


Our aim is to catalyze scientific innovation and foster leadership in the development of sustainable cities and human settlements.


We are focused not only on mitigating the effects of climate change, but also on embracing and adapting to its challenges, striding for a future that is resilient and inclusive for everyone.


The inauguration of the Global Human Settlements Foundation today is not merely a cause for Celebration, but a solemn pledge to contribute meaningfully to the Sustainable Development Goals and the climate initiatives spearheaded by the United Nations.


It symbolizes our united promise to our planet and to one another, ensuring that our actions today lay the groundwork for sustainable legacy.


My engagement with the Grameen Foundation, especially in poverty alleviation and the establishment of the dedicated fund for India has profoundly influenced my perspective on making a real impact.


These endeavors have solidified my conviction the power of collective effort and the critical role of sustainable development in uplifting communities from poverty.


Being awarded a Fulbright award many years ago here at the United Nations for my contributions in this field was an incredibly humbling experience. It bolstered my determination to pursue a world where sustainable development is not merely an ideal but a tangible reality.


With Alex Counts of Grameen Foundation as a key partner in mentor, I have been privileged to see the remarkable effects of dedication and teamwork.


As we inaugurate the Global Human Settlements Foundation today, I invite each of you to join us on this transformative journey, together we can help forge a legacy of sustainability for the benefit of future generations.


I'm grateful for your presence on this significant occasion and eagerly anticipate our collaborative efforts towards crafting a more sustainable and just world.


Welcome to a new chapter with a Global Human Settlements Foundation, a beacon of hope and renewal for our planet.

Thank you!