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The Collection of Global Forum on Human Settlements Being Donated to Universities
Source: GFHS | Author: gfhsforum | Published time: 2022-03-30 | 1436 Views | Share:

As a major event in the field of human settlements, the publication of The Collection of Global Forum on Human Settlements has received highly favorable reviews across the world. Published by China Environmental Publishing Group, this large-scale academic literature is being distributed globally. 

Written in Chinese and English, beautifully illustrated, and printed in four colors, with 1000+ fine images and charts, the 3-million-word magnificent work contains a large pool of brilliant viewpoints and excellent practices contributed by 170+ authorities representing more than 50 countries. Regarded as a corpus of research achievements and best practices on sustainable cities and human settlements, The Collection is hailed as a valuable treasure on sustainable development. 

As a non-profit organization, the Global Forum on Human Settlements (GFHS) is more than happy to share this achievement with higher education institutions. Therefore, GFHS initiated the donation of the Collection to universities in China, and it has been well received. 

As of press time, donations have been made to 20+ top Chinese universities, National Library of China, as well as the Party School of the Central Committee of C.P.C. The recipients have expressed highly appreciation for the hard work  of the editorial department and the generosity of the donor. Even without a donation ceremony, the thick volumes printed with soy ink were fast delivered throughout the country.  

The books donated will enrich universities’ library collections, the books treasured will benefit students and faculty. We were deeply touched and gratified upon receiving formal donation certificates reciprocated by colleges and universities.

Rose presented, smell remained; books presented, knowledge shared. Promoting sustainable development and ecological civilization brings benefits that are beyond to measure. 

Books are limited, but kindness is boundless. The application for donation remains open until 15 April 2022, so as to benefit more universities and colleges around the world. Based on the application time, location and specialty, 20 more universities will be selected and given a full set of the Collection. The delivery cost has to be on the recipient’s account.

Please interested higher education institutions contact the editorial department. We will also appreciate it if relevant experts and scholars help spread the news among universities. Excerpts of the Collection can be accessed via the following link:

1. The Collection of Global Forum on Human Settlements, Volume I: Viewpoints (Excerpt)

2. The Collection of Global Forum on Human Settlements, Volume II: Models (Excerpt)

Being warmly received by colleges and universities is both a great recognition to the Collection and a huge encouragement to our work. This is of great significance for promoting talent training and academic research on sustainable cities and human settlements, and for building a shared community of life on Earth. Let us keep up the good work.