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Mr. Serge Salat: Building International Green Model City Urban Innovation and Green Growth
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Mr. Serge Salat, President, Urban Morphology and Complex Systems Institute, Paris, France, Leading Expert of International Green Model City Standards 3.0

Effective urban planning is the most important driver of urban prosperity and real estate profits

       Plan for compact growth and align densities with transit accessibility

       Manage urban land with a demand driven approach

       Plan and design liveable communities with high quality urban space and green buildings

Benefits of good planning

       Well-planned cities foster agglomeration benefits that drive innovation, business development, and jobs creation

       Higher densities foster greater productivity and innovation with lower infrastructure costs and reduced environmental impact

       Better- planning makes cities more people-friendly, liveable, and attractive and creates higher real estate returns on investment

       For developers, better planned cities offer opportunities to distinguish their brand and earn higher profits

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