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To apply for the “Global Green City” award, please do the submission here.

To apply for the “Global Green Community” award, please do the submission here.

Instructions for "Global Green City/Community" awards application:

To comprehensively assess the sustainability of cities and communities, the evaluation criteria for “Global Green City” and “Global Human Settlements Model of Community” has been upgraded to be consistent with the International Green Model City Standards 3.0.

Starting from 2019, the interested cities, towns, districts and communities will be evaluated based on online application and offline submission of supporting information and documents. Registration is required before submitting the applications.

The overall evaluation system has a total of 320 points, of which the online application that results in a total score is assigned a weighting factor of 70%, and the offline submission of additional information accounts for 30% in the final assessment.

Based on the final evaluation, cities and communities will be qualified for the following three levels of honor:

280 Points: Global Greenest City/Community

245 Points: Global Greener City/Community

210 Points: Global Green City/Community

Should there be any specific issue in the process of online application, please don’t hesitate to contact the Secretariat of GFHS via email:;

Alternatively, interested cities and communities can fill up the corresponding application form offline by contacting the Secretariat of GFHS.

Application Requirements

  1. Applicants

Any legal government agencies, entities, industrial associations, NGOs, academic institutes and individuals from different countries and regions can apply for the award.

  2. Basic Requirements​​

 【City (District, Town)】

1) Cities, districts, development areas and characteristic towns that are under the national or regional administrative planning;

2) Adhere to the concept of sustainable development in urban construction and development, and place importance on the harmony between environmental protection and social-economic development;

3) Enjoy stable economic development, social security, good reputation, and high degree of public satisfaction; and

4) Have good performance in seven aspects: natural ecology and environmental protection, planning and construction, economy and society, housing and building, transportation and mobility, urban management and resource efficiency, climate change mitigation and adaptation.

 【Building & Community】

1) Projects approved, planned and/or completed, including residential areas, commercial buildings, new towns, complexes, commercial centers, tourism real estate;

2) Architectural design and planning is sustainable and innovative, and is up to the corresponding national laws, regulations and standards, plus certain foresight and user-friendly design;

3) Adhere to the concept of sustainable development, focus on ecological restoration and protection, actively adopt green energy-saving technologies and processes, and promote green building, energy-saving and emission reduction as well as efficient operation; and

4) The projects that have been completed are of excellent quality, remarkable  low carbon effects, livability,  rich culture, energy efficiency and emission reduction, and smart management. 

 【Tourist Areas】

1) Projects that have been completed and put into operation, including natural scenic areas, historical and cultural scenic spots, resorts, recreational areas, tourism and cultural programs;

2) Scenic areas enjoy a unique, national natural landscape or human resources advantages, and good ecological environment;

3) Scenic areas stick to sustainable development in planning, construction, operation and management, and actively adopt related green technologies and focus on the planning and design for energy conservation and emission reduction.

【Technology & Product】

1) Sustainability and innovation are reflected in the design, performance and application of the technology and products;

2) The technology or product helps significantly save energy, protect environment, improve efficiency, and enhance human settlements;

3) The technology or product is of greater safety, and good to the health of users.

3. Application Materials
The organizations and/or projects that are up to the above-mentioned criteria are welcome to contact the Secretariat of GFHS, and request the application form and relevant information. For more information please contact:;